Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition


Current version
2.2.0 — 2013.02.26

To install and use MiniGUI, you will need:

MiniGUI uses Harbour and Borland C++ by default. To use MiniGUI with Harbour and Borland C++, you must download and install the following two files. Harbour binaries are included in the first file. To upgrade a previous installation of MiniGUI, you need only download and install the first file.

If you are using the MinGW compiler, download and install the following file.

If you are using xHarbour, you will have to download and install xHarbour and then configure MiniGUI to use xHarbour. See Getting started.

The following file is a history of changes to all versions of MiniGUI.

Additional samples and help files are in the Files area of the Users group.

See also

See also Links and Getting started.