Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition


MiniGUI documentation

MiniGUI Online documentation  •  This manual is included in the MiniGUI distribution as MiniGUI.chm in the \Doc folder.

Harbour documentation

Official Harbour Project documentation  •  harbour-project.sourceforge.net/doc/harbour.html

Official xHarbour Project documentation  •  xharbour.com/xhdn  •  Also known as XHDN.

Harbour MiniGUI help files  •  tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/harbourminigui/files/HELP  •  Includes documentation for both Harbour compiler and MiniGUI library.

Wikipedia article on Harbour  •  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbour_compiler

Application Development with Harbour  •  en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Application_Development_with_Harbour.  •  A Wikibooks online book that aims to fully document Harbour. Open to public editing.

Harbour Online Help  •  harbour.vouch.info/index.html  •  Extracts of Harbour source code that document various features.

Documentation for (x)Harbour  •  oohg.org/manual/harbour  •  Online version of (x)Harbour.chm.

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